The Dog Lost 2 Legs But She Still Tried To Eat Which Made People Shed Into Cry (Updated)

The dog becomes the symbol of the sunshine and extraordinary energy.
A dog named Shi Bao was made one of the city’s many strays after her owner moved out of the neighbourhood and decided not to take her with him. Unfortunately, she was severely injured in accident train and lost 2 legs. Life of Si Bao becomes more difficulty when she has given birth to four litter of puppies. And the way which she raises four puppies who have become a symbol for extraordinary energy.

The poor dog lose 2 legs in a train accident.

Her guardian abandoned her after he moved out of the neighborhood, leaving her to fend for herself on the streets like so many other animals in the town and the country. As the life of Si Bao has no escape, shortly after, it gave birth to four extremely cute puppies, they almost become the driving force of poor mother dog.

She has 4 puppies.

She always keeps positive and trong attitude.

After having children, Si Bao regains the spirit and keep strong attitude to care for children. Her incredible story made international headlines and prompted efforts to rescue her. After being rescued People nicked her Lelly, her pup was also re-named Muddie and she will now play a leading role in the fight against animal cruelty.

This  is a good example of energy.

Fortunately,  an animal found feedy her .

It is said that Lelly, even is a little dog, she is a great example of the indomitable spirit.

The goat loses 2 legs in China.

Not long ago, in China, everybody also has to admire the extraordinary energy of a goat which has only 2 legs. This baby goat was unlucky to be deformed. He was born with two legs but he are healthy and normal. So, just one month after birth, the goat had to walk himself with his behind legs. Witnessing the extraordinary strength of this goat, a man suffering from lymph node cancer has gone thousands of kilometers to buy this goat. He said that it is the motivation for him to have more faith in life.

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